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The search by chemistry is accessed by clicking on the "Search" button on the navigation header. In the Search page, you then click on "Search for Minerals by Chemistry (Table of Elements)".
Searching for Copper & Sulphur, but without Oxygen

This search brings up a table of elements. To find a mineral that contains an element you click on that element once (the element then is displayed in a brighter color). To exclude an element, you would click on it twice (there will be a X through the element). You would want to exclude elements to limit the minerals returned from your search. For instance if you were interested in iron sulfides, you would probably want to exclude oxygen since there would be a number of sulfate minerals in the list. The elements in grey do not normally form minerals and thus can not be selected. If you wish to display only IMA approved ("official") minerals, you need to click on the "Return IMA-only approved species" box (this list also contains minerals that were generally considered valid prior to the formation of the CNMMN in 1959). You then have the option to list minerals that have these elements or localities in which minerals that have these elements have been found.

Mineral Names Mineral Identification by physical properties