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Welcome to the on-line manual.

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Sorry! This manual has not been keeping up with many of the changes to the site over the last 18 months, so some of this content is currently out of date. We are working through these pages now to try to improve things! Thank you for your patience.

Introduction to Mindat

  • Mindat Basics
  1. What is Mindat?
  2. How to Register
  3. How to Log In
  4. Terms of use
  5. Privacy
  6. Editor Buttons
  • Miscellaneous
  1. How to Link to Mindat
  2. History of Mindat
  • Mindat Contributors
  1. Access Rights
  2. Your Responsibilities
  3. Your Rights and Ownership of Data/Copyright.

How to Display

  • Minerals
  1. Mineral Information
  2. Mineral Classification (Chemical groups)
  • Localities (Mineral lists)
  1. Standard Locality Display
  2. Regional Report
  3. Detail information about mineral at a locality
  4. Recent Locality Changes
  • Photographs
  1. Photographs
  • Latest additions to databases
  1. Newest localities added to database
  2. Today's new Mineral Photographs

How to Search

  1. Mineral Names
  2. Search by Chemistry of a mineral
  3. Mineral Identification by physical properties
  • Localities
  1. Locality Search
  2. Mineral Associations
  3. Mineral occurrences in a region
  4. Mineral occurrences in a country
  • Photographs
  1. Search Photograph database
  2. View a member's Mineral Photograph gallery
  3. Mineral photographs in a region
  • Glossary
  1. Glossary search
  2. Glossary references

Message Board

  1. How to browse the messageboard
  2. How to Post a message
  3. Best Mineral Page
  4. Talk Pages
  5. Your Control Center
  6. Private Messsaging

How to Add Localities

  1. Using the Locality Editor
  2. Geographical and Regional Naming Conventions
  3. How to Add Minerals to a Locality
  4. Editing Mineral Data
  5. How to Delete a locality

How to Add Photographs

  1. Preparing your photographs for upload
  2. Upload Photograph
    1. Mineral Photograph
    2. Site Photograph
    3. Other Photograph
  3. Managing your Photo Gallery

Mindat Articles

  1. Articles

How to Add References

  1. References
  2. Mineral editing

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