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Listing of a locality in the mindat.org database does NOT imply permission to collect at a site. Never visit a site listed on mindat.org to collect unless you have the permission of the landowners (and mineral rights owners where necessary), and that you are aware of all safety precautions necessary. Mindat.org contains information about the location of mineral deposits worldwide. This information is stored for research and reference purposes only, and such information does not indicate that the locality is currently open for collectors to visit, or even that material can still be found at that location. Irresponsible use of information provided here will inevitably result in a reluctance for people to post new information to the site, and will hurt everybody. Good manners and safe collecting etiquette are needed to ensure that sites will remain open to collectors.

Copyright Any data you post to mindat.org, be it text or photographs, remains your copyright material, however by posting such material you grant mindat.org non-exclusive rights to continue to use and display such material on its website http://www.mindat.org. Any further use of your material will only be carried out with your explicit permission. Because this site contains the copyright material of other members, you agree not to try to extract information from this site for any other use than viewing of this website material.

You are not allowed to archive significant portions of this site and you are not allowed to copy data from this site for use in any other product or website. Mindat.org reserves the right to allow or deny access to any or all of the site or its facilities to any user without prior warning. This site is free to use and comes with no warranties as to the accuracy or suitability of information provided whatsoever.

Use of automatic site down loaders is prohibited. Since there are a large number of internal links to various pages on the website, automatic site down loaders can create tremendous volumes of data. This has a serious negative impact on other users of the website. If you use a down loader, you will be blocked from using the website. Please be considerate to other users of this website.

Offers of sale of goods or products in the Message forum is prohibited and such messages will be deleted.

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