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Locality Photo

Use this option for photos that are of the actual locality itself, eg mine dumps, mine buildings, historical images, etc. Do not post mineral photographs in this category!


If the locality is not filled in (it will be if you add the photo from the locality display page), you can enter either the full name, a partial name or the locality number. Hitting the "Check" button will allow you to choose the correct location. You can enter just a portion of the locality string here, but if you type in a partial locality where there are too many possible locations, the program will not accept this.


Enter a short title (eg. 'View of the mine entrance')

Type of Photo

You are able to select one of the following types to categorize the photo. Most locality photos will be Site Photos.


  1. Site Photo (Modern)
  2. Site Photo (Historical)
  3. Geological Cross-Section
  4. Workings Cross-Section
  5. Geological Map
  6. Topographical Map
  7. Location Map
  8. Share Certificate
  9. Other Documentation


For locality photographs, please enter a description of what is seen in the photo. A date that the photo was taken is helpful as well, and if the scale of features in the photo is not obvious from the surroundings (for example, a photo of a vein section in a mine) please enter the size of the feature or a scale reference in the description.