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The Search for Photos ( (labeled Search for Photos) is available from the "Search" button on the navigation header. This search is useful if you are interested in photographs of a common mineral which has been found in a restricted area of the world. For example, there are many photographs for quartz in the database. You could display a list of all of the photographs of quartz in the world, but if you are just interested in the quartz photographs in a single state, it is much faster (and less of a strain on the website) to use this search. You can also search for words in the description as well as viewing all of the photos in some of the more limited subcategories.

Photographic Search

To use this search you would input the exact name of the mineral, the locality (ie. Wales) any search term in the description, and then select if you want the localities grouped according to the standard hierarchy, a simple alphabetical listing or the date when they were added to the database (newest first). You need to select which type of photos you are searching (Mineral, Site or Other). You then need to either check the box for all (which will search all the subcategories) or select a subcategory for the photo type.

Mineral Photo subtypes:

  1. Mineral Photo (full view)
  2. Mineral Photo (close-up/photomicrograph)
  3. Mineral Photo (close-up/photomicrograph using layer software
  4. Thin section (normal light)
  5. Thin Section (Polarized Light)
  6. Polished Section
  7. TEM
  8. Cathodoluminescence
  9. UV Fluorescence (Short Wave)
  10. UV Fluorescence (Medium Wave)
  11. UV Fluorescence (Long Wave)
  12. Interference Figures
  13. Mineral in situ
  14. SEM
  15. Polished Section (Polarized Light)
  16. Stereo View

Site Photo subtypes:

  1. Share Certificate
  2. Site Photo (Modern)
  3. Site Photo (Historical)
  4. Geological Cross-Section
  5. Workings Cross-Section
  6. Geological Map
  7. Topographical Map
  8. Location Map
  9. Other Documentation

Other Photo subtypes:

  1. Personal Photo (ie people)
  2. Unidentified Mineral
  3. Mineral Label
  4. Artwork
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Mineral Cabinet or Display of Minerals
  7. Rock, Fossil or other non-mineral
  8. Mineral without valid locality information
  9. Fake Mineral
  10. Artificial crystal(s)

The results of this search allow you to click on the photograph to view it at full scale. If you click on the mineral name, you will bring up the display view for the mineral. If you click on the locality name, you will bring up the standard locality display. A detailed caption for the photograph is displayed along with when the photograph was uploaded.