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Do you need to register?

If you simply want to look at mineral and locality data you are not required to register at If you would like to add localities or upload pictures to the database, you must register before you can add these to the database. Certain features of the Bulletin Board are also only available to registered users (guest visitors are allowed to read and post to the various forums). Please note that to add localities or upload pictures to you must be prepared to give your FULL REAL NAME (ie first name, surname) in your registration details. Pseudonyms or partial names will no longer be acceptable.

Activating your membership

Access Request Form
If you wish to enter locality data, upload pictures, add blogs or articles to the site or create your home page you must have your membership activated. The easiest way to do this is to fill in the request access form that is on your home page (to get there click on the "My Home Page" - the top left button on the menu bar at the top of any mindat page - you must be logged in to see this).

Fill in what you want to add to the site and then click the button on the bottom of the form. Your request will be reviewed by the site management.

Changing your information

Add/Edit Menu
When you are logged in, the navigation header displays the "Add/Edit Data" button which when clicked will bring up the Add/Edit Menu page. You may change the information on your registration record via the "Update my Details" button on the Add/Edit Menu page.

If you have registered more than once and have photographs under more than one profile and wish to consolidate them, please put the request in the Manual Forum and list the old email name, the new email name that you wish to continue using and that you would like to move the photographs to the new identity.

You should not reregister on using the same email address or name for more than one profile.

Changes to the way the bulletin board works can be accessed from the My Control Center link within the board.

Registration Form

Registration Form
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Company name - only if in a mineral related business
  • email address - for your sign on
  • Password - (twice to confirm)
  • Country - if you click on the down arrow on the right side of box, it will bring up a list of countries.
  • Primary interest
    1. Interested Amateur
    2. Mineral Collector
    3. Mineral Dealer
    4. Geology/Mineralogy student
    5. Geology/Mineralogy teacher
    6. Professional Geologist/Mineralogist
    7. Other Industrial/Commercial interest
    8. Museum Staff/Curator
  • Additional information.
    1. Membership in Societies.
    2. General information about you and minerals
    3. Regional expertise
    4. Mineral sizes that you collect
    5. Mineral specialties that you collect
  • What are your collecting interests.
  • Member Directory - Use no, if you do not want your registration information to be available to other members. If you use yes, your profile will be available to other members of
  • You are then required to read and accept the terms and conditions for the use of this website.

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