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If there are sub-localities on the location display page, the mineral list will contain those minerals found in all the sub-localities. A map and a listing of all the sub-localities follow. If there are more than 400 sub-localities, not all localities may be shown. You can click on the plus sign in a box to expand the listing for that sub-locality. Two additional reports are available that list all the sub-localities in alphabetical order and there is also a report that lists all the sub-localities in their standard order.

ScreenHunter 27 Dec. 02 09.11.jpg

  • Red mindat icon - locality has a latitude/longitude.
  • Blue mindat icon - locality latitude/longitude is estimated.
  • Green polygon - the areal boundaries of the locality are displayed on page's map.
  • Plus sign in a box - click to display the sub-localities for that locality.

In the mineral listing the "i" icon indicates that the mineral has been added for the locality or sub-localities. Clicking on this icon will display all the localities and sub-localities where the mineral has been found.

The detailed mineral report will either list the full parameters of the mineral if it is from that locality, the list of sub-localities where it occurs, or if it is common, a link to a report where all the localities can be viewed.

Standard Locality Display Detail information about mineral at a locality