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To view the latest 400 localities added to the database, you click on the "Statistics" button on the navigation header. Then click on the "Click here to view latest 400 localities" link. The latest localities will be displayed, and if you are interested in the details on any locality, you can click on the locality name and the display page for that locality will open up in a new browser window.

You can also list the last 400 entries for a region or country. If you want to see what the latest 200 entries are for Russia, you can type Russia in the search box and then click on the "Go" button. (This only works with a single word at the present time - for example if you were interested in "New York", you need to search for "York"). You can also exclude localities from the latest 200 entries listing. If you put an ! before the locality, it will be excluded from the listing (ie if you did not wish to list new entries from the US, you would put "!USA" in the search box - without the quotes).

ScreenHunter 26 Dec. 02 08.53.jpg

  • Red mindat icon - locality has a latitude/longitude location.
  • Green polygon - locality has an areal extent and map will show boundary.
  • No icon - Locality only has an estimated latitude/longitude.
  • Yellow star following locality string - locality has no description.
  • Red star following locality string - locality has no references.

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