Mineral occurrences in a country

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The Search for Minerals in a Country (http://www.mindat.org/minlocsearch.php) is available from the "Search" button on the navigation header and then clicking on the "Search for Minerals in a Country/Top Level Administrative Region" link. This search is useful if you are interested in the locations where a particular common mineral has been found in a country (or other high level hierarchy of the world). For example, there are many thousands of locations for quartz in the database. You could display a list of all of the locations for quartz in the world, but if you are just interested in the quartz locations in Germany, it is much faster (and less of a strain on the website) to use this search (there is also the benefit of also including in the listing the localities for any varietal names of the mineral).

To use this search you would input the exact name of the mineral, click on the drop down arrow on the Region box and move down to the proper country, and then select if you want the localities grouped according to the standard hierarchy or a simple alphabetical listing. Then click on the "Search" button. The localities are displayed with thirty localities per page. If you want to jump further into the list, you can manually change the page number on the browser's address line to get to areas of interest faster than paging through the query.


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