Mineral editing

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In mineral editing we need to keep information about where the data input comes from. The last entry on the edit page requests a reason or reference. Any information about physical properties, crystallography, optical properties needs to be properly referenced. Things such as "fix spelling", "add references" can be input into this field as a reason. Updating info would NOT be an appropriate use of the field.

The best place to find the information is the type description paper. The RRUFF website has a considerable number of the full papers available on their website. The information is first available from the IMA lists that are periodically published, but contain a small subset of the data. There are also abstracts available with most of the information available and you sometimes can find preprints available on the web. We would like to minimize the amount of time to keep track of all these so if you input data from an abstract, please add to the end (in the "reference/reason field") either "(abs)" or "(inpress)" to the reference so we can keep track of the data sources that need to be checked.