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You can enter the full or partial mineral name in the mineral footer search on any page on mindat.org or the mineral search box on the main page of the website (ie. galena, gale, or lena). The search string must contain at least three letters. If the string matches more than one mineral in the database, it will bring up the entire list of matches and allow you to click on the mineral you wish to view (the "official" minerals are in bold face - varieties and synonyms are in a regular weight typeface). If the search finds only one match, then the Mineral Information screen will be brought up. If your string does not match any mineral in the database, a list of minerals that most closely matches a sounds like routine will be displayed. You can also display lists of all of the minerals that begin with a particular letter by going to the alphabetical list, link available on the left part of the Mindat home page. In this list the minerals in boldface type are valid minerals (either approved by the CNMNMN of the IMA or grandfathered - for minerals described before 1959), synonyms are in an italic font, and the other classifications are in a normal weight typeface.

If you click on a mineral from the list, that Mineral Information will be displayed.

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