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You can edit any of the data fields about your photographs, upload an improved photograph of the specimen, add additional photographs of the specimen or request deletion of the photograph. If you believe there is an error on a photograph (from another person), either contact the photographer directly by use of the contact form on their home page or post a comment on the Mistakes & Errors Message Board or use the link on the photo page to create a "Talk Page" in the Message Board.

Go To Edit Page

To get to the edit page of a mineral photograph.

  • You can click on "Edit this" (below the photograph) in a member's gallery.
  • You can click on "Edit this" (below the photograph) in the location gallery.
  • You can click on "Edit this" (below the photograph) in a mineral gallery.
  • You can click on the "Edit this" button on the detailed display of the mineral photograph.

Edit Page

Edit Photo

The fields are the same as on the Upload Photograph entry screen.

Procedure to remove a mineral: Do NOT click edit

  1. Click on the down arrow on the right side of the mineral entry box
  2. You will see "- remove -" and below that the mineral name
  3. Select the remove option
  4. Then click the "Update Photo and Information" button on the bottom of the page

Upload new image

To replace an image, all you have to do is in the Image replace box, click "Browse" to find replacement photograph on your computer and then click "Upload". Please do not replace a photo with a photo of another mineral specimen or locality, as this will inevitably cause problems when the photo is used elsewhere on Mindat.

Upload another image of a specimen (Child Photo)

This photo is the main (parent) photo of this specimen. You can upload other photos of this specimen, these are called 'child' images and all photos are linked together so you can easily view different aspects of the same specimen.

Click on the "Click here to add a child image" to initiate the adding of a child photo.

Upload another image of a specimen (Mindat photo by another Mindat member)

Do the standard upload of one (or more ie parent plus child) photograph. Request the merger of the MinID number for the photographs. When the merger is done, all the photographs will be available on the main photo screen via the scrolling through the photographs process.

There are two ways to show that the photo is of the same specimen

  1. same photographer: parent/child
  2. different photographers: same MinID number

Delete Photograph

Photo Delete Request
To request the deletion of a photograph, please fill in the reason field and check the box. If you want to delete the photo because you have a better photo of the specimen available, please use the upload new image option above.

After you have checked the entries, to submit the changes to update the database, click on the "Submit Query" button.

Upload Mineral Photograph Preparing your Site photographs for upload