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To edit or add data to the database, you must have registered and be logged in. If you are not logged in, you will see "Register" and "Log in" buttons on the navigation header at the top of the web page.

To see the options to add/edit the database you must be logged into the website. To log on, you need to click the "Log In" button on the navigation header. Then enter your email address and password that you entered when you registered for the site. You then click on "Log In" to complete the login process. If you click on the "Tick to remember your password", your password to the site is stored in a cookie that is placed on your computer. This option will allow you to be logged in whenever you visit the mindat.org website from your computer. If there are others that use the computer, they will be able to access the website without having to reenter your password (you will get blamed for things that they can do on this website - please help us keep this website secure). If you click on "Forgotten your password", you will be brought up to a screen where you can request that your password be e-mailed to you.



mindat.org, like most large websites, uses a cookie to keep track of your login information while you are on the site. If you do not accept cookies from this site, you will not be able to edit or add to information to the database. You must at a minimum have session cookies enabled (this cookie will be deleted when you leave this site). If you have your browser configured to not accept any cookies (the default is usually to accept cookies), you can use the following procedures to allow an exception for the use of cookies from just the mindat.org site. You don't need to do the following procedures unless you have configured your browser to NOT use cookies.

For Internet Explorer 6 & 7

Select the tools drop down menu (to the left of help). Select the Internet Options. On the Internet options click on the Privacy tab (third from left). In the Settings section click on the Sites Button. This will bring up as window where you can specify cookie options. In the Address of Web Site box type in


then mouse click on Allow. Then click on OK to close this window and OK on the Internet Options window to close this last window. On windows systems IE6 cookies are usually found in the directory C:\Documents and Settings\"Your Name"\cookies\ or on IE7 they are in windows\temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IES. It will be named something like "Your Name"@www.mindat[x]or Cookie:"Your Name"@www.mindat[x] in IE7.

For Firefox

Select the tools drop down menu (to the left of help). Select the Internet Options. Click on the "-" to the left of Cookies to expand. If allow sites to set cookies is not checked, click on Exceptions. In address of web site type in


and click on either allow or allow for session buttons. Then click OK to close this window. Then click OK to close Internet options.

Multiple Computers

If you use two or more computers to access the mindat.org website, you can be logged on to the mindat.org website from both computers. If you do not "Tick to remember your password", you can still be logged in to the messageboard, even if you are not logged into the site. If you use a public or shared computer, you should always log off of mindat, not just close the browser to make sure you also log out of the messageboard.

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