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How to link to

We would be delighted for you to link to our website, if you would like to link to us, this page will give you instructions as to how to link to us, and some general guidelines you can follow. We do not reorganise the database, so links to mineral pages and locality pages should not change. A location is occasionaly deleted if it duplicates a locality that was previously listed in the database.

Link address:

You should always link to, never to just

Example Code:

The following code can be copied and pasted into your website for a simple link. Feel free to alter the description text, but make sure you keep the link the same.

<a href=""> online mineral database</a> 

Linking to Minerals:

Each mineral page has details of the URL you need to use to link. For example, if you have a page about Fluorite and want to link to the page on Fluorite, you should use the following code:

<a href="">View Fluorite information at</a> 

You will need to replace the min-1576.html part with the URL given on the mineral page you wish to link to.

Linking to Localities:

This works in the same way as for minerals, except the loc-939.html must be changed for the desired locality ID URL, for example:

<a href="">Wheal Gorland details on</a> 

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