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Many Text entry fields in articles, blogs, locality pages have editor buttons that allow you to mark up (format) the description fields.

ScreenHunter 01 Aug. 12 12.41.jpg

The button functions from left to right are:

  1. Bold type
  2. Italic type
  3. Add a heading
  4. Horizontal line
  6. Chemical formula
  7. Miller indexes (line above character)
  1. Link to mindat mineral page
  2. Link to mindat locality page
  3. Link to mindat article page
  4. Link to mindat glossary page
  1. Link to mindat photograph
  2. Link to mindat multiple photographs
  3. Clear space after floating image
  4. Link to mindat video
  5. Add a google map
  6. Add a data table
  7. Add a footnote
  8. List footnotes
  9. Table of contents
  10. Add mindat banner adds
  11. Add Google ad

Additional information on Formatting text