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Sometimes a locality is entered into the system more than once (either with a slightly different hierarchy or with a different name). To merge the two localities, the locality names must be exactly the same (as well as the locality Name in original language and Historic/Alternative region names) for both records (including spaces). The easiest way to do this is to edit one of the entries to get a correct locality name (the correct hierarchy as well as alternate names). This name can then be copied to your computer's clipboard. Then go to the other database record and paste that string into the locality name. If there is any data in the Name in original language, also copy this data between the two localities.

In the process of merging locations the later record will be deleted (this is the locality with the higher number after the locality's name). Information on the locality edit screen of the second locality will be lost when the two records are merged. You should copy over any appropriate data in the "Locality description", "OS Grid" and "Latitude/longitude" fields to the earlier (lower numbered) record.

Periodically, a utility program is run to delete any duplicated records in the locality database. This program will move the mineral lists, mineral photographs, and site photographs to the earlier record before deleting the duplicate record in the locality database.

It may be necessary to clean up the description, reference and links section on the surviving record after the merge has been done.

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