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You have a number of different options to customise how the message boards appear.

You can access this information from the My Control Center link within the Bulletin Boards.

Your personal profile will be displayed which has your user name, your real name, the number of posts that you have made and if you have created a "signature".

This page also allows you to edit various parameters.

  1. You can edit your profile to add a "real" name.
  2. You can edit your signature (this is added to each of your new posts).
  3. Privacy Settings
    1. You can edit your privacy options. Initially no one can see your email address. This will help prevent problems with spammers being able to get your email address from this site.
    2. Show/Hide flag - If you select show flag, the countries flag (from your registration) will be shown on all of your messages. Default is to not show the flag.
  4. Show followed threads. You can have some threads displayed here if you are particularly interested in a specific thread.
  5. Forum setttings
    1. Set your time zone. The posting times can be converted to your local time instead of GMT (where the server is located).
    2. DST currently active. - tick the box if daylight saving time is in effect at your location.
    3. Language - the default language is english. If you want the navigation links and other instructions to be shown in another language, you can select it here. The English (British) selection allows the dates to be displayed in a D-M-Y order (US is M-D-Y).
    4. Template - The default template shows all of the forums on a single page. The tabbed template breaks up the forums by major category and only shows those forums in the category (with a tab to select other major categories).
    5. Thread Overrides - list and read. Here you can decide if you want to display a single line per thread or if you want to see all the messages.
    6. Enable email as default - Enable this if you normally want to receive emails for any posting of replies to your message. This can be overridden for individual postings.
    7. Enable add signature as default
    8. Enable email notification when there are new private messages sent to you.
    1. Upload a new avatar
      1. Please do not upload avatars larger than 25 KB and 100 x 100 pixels.
      2. Only the following file types are allowed for avatars: gif, png, jpg.
      3. You can store at most 5 avatars.
      4. When you select the Browse Button, you can search for an avatar to upload from your computer.
      5. It will be uploaded to mindat when you hit the Submit Button
    2. If you want to delete an avatar check the delete box and hit Save Changes
    3. If you want to use an avatar click the Select Avatar radio button and hit Save Changes
    4. If you decide you no longer want to use an avatar check the "Do not display avatars in postings." and hit Save Changes
  7. Edit my files - allows you to upload files for use in signatures.