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The Best Mineral pages use BB code to format the pages.

There is an easy method to select and add the photographs to the page. You must be logged into the system.

  1. Go to the mineral gallery page. You should see something similar to this on the address line of your browser.
    1) Browser address line
  2. Edit the address line to read "newgalleryp.php" instead of "gallery.php" at the end of the address line add "&pick=1". Your address line should look something like /newgalleryp.php?min=3328&pick=1
    2) Browser address new line
  3. There will be a box that you can check in the text portion of the photo gallery.
    3) Gallery detail
  4. Hitting the "Process selected photos" will generate the BBcode for the selected photos. Under the mindat top menu, there will be a listing of the photographs that you have chosen on previous pages. Running this report will clear the selections that you have made.
    4) Top of form
  5. Select the text that was generated and copy that to your clipboard.
    5) Report output
  6. Start a new topic in the desired section and copy the text into the entry screen.
You can create a gallery with the photos in a message by typing in the address box "/newgalleryp.php?mbm=###" where ### is the message id number. This is a handy way to determine things such as size data from the photographs.
Browser message gallery address line