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Mindat allows registered users to publish articles that will be permanently stored and shared. The article should ideally contain both text and photos and be between 500 and 5000 words, although the one oft he most read articles on Mindat contains around 10000 words. An article will normally contain an introduction explaining the context of the content, the body text that can be split in several chapters/paragraphs.and a conclusion/summary at the end.

The articles should contain information that are not suitable for the database format, and that contains more information than seem fit for a post in the message board. Articles published on mindat can be cited, and examples where mindat articles are cited in scientific journals are known.

A wide variety of article topics have been published on Mindat, including filed trip reports, mining history, locality descriptions, advice for collectors, book reviews etc. A few examples of existing articles can be found here:

Writing an article:

1. Create a new article

To write an article the user must be logged in. From users page, select the “My articles tab” and from there “Create new article”. The article editor will then open. The editor consists of the following fields:

a) Title: This field is mandatory, and the article cannot be saved without a title

b) Page url

c) Language

d) Original

e) Location: Allows the user to create a link to the article from a locality. Enter the locality name and select find. Then select the locality from the drop down menu. Only one locality is allowed.

f) Mineral:Allows the user to create a link to the article from a mineral page. Enter the mineral name and select find. Then select the mineral from the drop down menu. Only one mineral is allowed.

g) Content: The text can be written in the content window. This field is mandatory and an article cannot be saved without text content. A number of different editing codes for headers, tables, footnotes, photos etc. can be used. This article explains the use of these codes. A number of short cut buttons are available just above the content field.

h) Save:Selecting “save” will save the article, and it will be added to the list of “Articles under construction” on the user’s home page.

i) Save and preview article: Selecting “Save and Preview Article” add the article to the of “Articles under construction” list on the user’s home page and open an article preview. To continue to work with the article, select “Edit this article”

2. Edit an article

An article that has been saved can be edited by selecting “edit” nest to the article on the user home page. Only the author of the article and those that have been given editor rights can edit an article. The editor window can be opened from the following pages:

a) From the list of articles on the users homepage

b) From the article itself

c) From the article preview window

An article can be edited any time, both before and after publishing

3. Review an article:

The articles can be reviewed by others in two ways:

a) By sharing the link listed under an unpublished article. The reviewer can then read the article, but not edit.

b) By adding an editor by selecting the “add editor” from the list of articles on your home page. The names of the editors ( Only registred mindat members) can then be listed. The editors can access the article editor via his or her own homepage from the “Articles With Editor Rights” list in the “My articles” tab. Please note that if two persons are editing an article simultaneously, the second to post will overwrite the changes made by the first person.

Please note that only the first author will be listed by Mindat.

Publish an article:

The first author of an article can publish it be selecting “ publish” next to the article in the “Article Under Construction” list. The article will then appear in the “Latest Members' Articles” on the front page, and under the heading “Mindat Articles” for articles linked to a reference and ? for articles linked to a mineral.

Search for an article

A published article can be accessed and opened from a number of places:

a) From the “Latest Members’ Articles” list on the Mindat Front page. Only the 5 most recently published articles are listed on the front page

b) From the list of the 100 latest articles. This can be accessed from the link underneath the “Latest Members’ Articles” list. The articles are listed in the order it was published.

c) Articles that are linked to a locality and or mineral can be opened from the mineral page ( doesn’t seem to work) and/or the locality page

d) Searching for articles can be done by opening the “Advanced search” option in the header, the select “articles” in the “search for” box and finally enter keyword(s) in the “keyword(s)” field. After selecting “Search” a list of articles containing your keyword(s) will appear. Any article can be opened from this list.