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There are four levels of access rights

Level Zero (or none)

When a user account is registered but not activated, the user has no access rights beyond that of a normal website visitor. You can more easily add messages (you do not have to go through the captcha) and you can keep track of read messages.

Level One (Standard User)

A standard user is allowed to upload photos, and create new localities, and add information to new localities, however such edits and changes do not take effect immediately but rather take effect after they have been reviewed and approved by a moderator. These records are locked to further editting until the changes have been approved. The majority of members are at this level.

Level Two (Expert User)

For those users who have consistently shown themselves as knowledgeable about mineralogy of a particular area, and understand all the complexities of the editing system, they are allowed to enter edits to photos, localities and locality information directly without moderation needed, however their changes can still be reviewed and reversed by level three members. There are only a small number of level two members, and to be considered for level two membership you must:

  1. Have been a member of in good standing for at least one year.
  2. Have contributed significantly to the database with the minimum amount of rejected/edited submissions.
  3. Have your membership proposed and approved by at least two members of the management group.

There is no formal application process, if we feel you meet our criteria we may invite you to become a level two member and upgrade your membership accordingly. Continued pestering of the management group for increased access is one sure way to avoid getting an increased access level.

Level Three (Management Group)

The management group are a small group of 25-35 members who oversee the operation, growth and future direction of They have the ability to edit all data, to approve/upgrade membership details, and to make changes to the database (such as merging localities) that are not available to other members. We do not expect to add any new members to this group in the near future, but any new appointments to this group will strictly be made by invitation only, and only to those people with significant experience on the site.

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